Retro floral seamless patterns

This small collection of retro floral seamless patterns was inspired by the 2019 California Superbloom. I dragged my husband Michael all over southern California to see flowers in bloom which of course was an absolutely wonderful experience. The allover ranunculus pattern was inspired by a visit to the flower fields in Carlsbad where there were rows and rows of gorgeous ranunculus flowers. Additionally, the poppy hills pattern was inspired by a trip to Lake Elsinore, where poppies blanketed the hills in a spectacular natural event. I even grew some wildflowers in my backyard garden which served as inspiration for the floral stripe pattern.  

Other inspiration

The aesthetic goal of this mini pattern collection was to make it feel retro, like it could be from either the 60s or 70s. I researched loads of images of fabric, wallpaper and fashion from that era which helped me to determine the right color palette and hand to use. Omitting a lot of fine detail gives it that graphic pop art look that was so popular during that time.

What to use these seamless patterns for

These repeating seamless patterns are available for instant download to use for personal and commercial use. They would be lovely on fashion, home decor or stationary Items.   

Where to shop these floral seamless patterns

This pattern collection is available for sale in my Etsy shop. Click each individual image to view that specific pattern’s product page. 

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